Effective Interviewer Skills - 11/02/13
(Effective Interviewer Skills - 11/02/13)

Aim:  By the end of this course, participants will be able to effectively plan and conduct interviews to get the best from all candidates.


1.  Describe the most common types of interviews and explain the benefits of each.

2. List the steps required to prepare and plan for an effective interview.

3.  Create a selection of appropriate, useful questions for use during an interview.

4. Explain the importance of effective listening during an interview.


Suitable for: The course is most useful for those individuals who conduct interviews as their method of selection.  This module will suit individuals who feel they could develop their skills in getting the best from candidates during an interview.

Please note this is not a full recruitment and selection course, it focusses only on those skills required to plan for and conduct an effective interview.